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Teamwork for Healthcare LHS680

The past, present, and future of medicine are inherently team-based care. We know that good teamwork saves lives. However, teams can be filled with exceptionally smart and highly-skilled individuals, but still fail to achieve their objectives and improve performance. Critically, many examples of preventable medical errors have been caused by breakdowns in team collaboration. In this course, we will explore the following questions: What are the characteristics of effective teams in health care? What are the most powerful factors that allow interprofessional teams to build up their power as a collective entity? Besides unpacking why some teams thrive and others struggle, what are some evidence-based strategies and technology solutions for achieving behavioral changes? Using simulations, real-world data, and case analyses, you will learn to apply data science tools and techniques to analyze team processes and outcomes. You will also participate in a semester-long project on addressing the specific challenge(s) of a real-world healthcare team.