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  1. Ann. of medicine
    From static web to metaverse: reinventing medical education in the post-pandemic era
    Lewis, Kadriye O,  Popov, Vitaliy, and Fatima, Syeda Sadia
    Annals of Medicine 2024
  2. CHI
    Looking Together ≠ Seeing the Same Thing: Understanding Surgeons’ Visual Needs During Intra-operative Coordination and Instruction
    Popov, Vitaliy, Chen, Xinyue, Wang, Jingying, Kemp, Michael, Sandhu, Gurjit, Kantor, Taylor, Mateju, Natalie, and Wang, Xu
    CHI ’24: Proceedings of the CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2024
  3. BMJ Open
    Applying Ordered Network Analysis to video-recorded physician-nurse interactions to examine communication patterns associated with shared understanding in inpatient oncology care settings
    Popov, Vitaliy, Tan, Yuanru, and Manojlovich, Milisa
    BMJ Open 2024
  4. CHI
    Surgment: Segmentation-enabled Semantic Search and Creation of Visual Question and Feedback to Support Video-Based Surgery Learning
    Wang, Jingying, Tang, Haoran, Kantor, Taylor, Soltani, Tandis,  Popov, Vitaliy, and Wang, Xu
    CHI ’24: Proceedings of the CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2024


  1. ACM
    SketchSearch: Fine-tuning Reference Maps to Create Exercises In Support of Video-based Learning for Surgeons
    Wang, Jingying,  Popov, Vitaliy, and Wang, Xu
    In Adjunct Proceedings of the 36th Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology 2023
  2. 28. The Role of XR Technology in the Field of Plastic Surgery Training
    Benedict, Michelle D, Inniss, Donovan A, Kantor, Taylor, Alesawy, Noor, Mantena, Nikhil,  Popov, Vitaliy, and Vercler, Christian J
    Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery–Global Open 2023
  3. ISLS
    Towards Supporting Technical and Non-Technical Skills Development by Using Multimodal Debriefing System After Multi-User VR-Based Simulation Training
    Popov, Vitaliy, Li, Yaxuan, Cooke, James, Sample, Alanson, and Cole, Michael
    Computersupported collaborative learning 2023
  4. ISLS
    Understanding Emotion-Cognition Interplay When Processing Feedback During the Standardized Patient Debrief Sessions
    Popov, Vitaliy, Gabelica, Catherine, Zhang, Zhaoyuan, and Yao, Yiqun
    In Proceedings of the 17th International Conference of the Learning Sciences-ICLS 2023, pp. 1983-1984 2023
  5. Exploring adolescents’ occupational possible selves: The role of gender and socioeconomic status
    Li, Yaoran, Du, Hanxiang, Martin, Ian, Hidalgo, Edward, Jiang, Yang, Xing, Wanli, and Popov, Vitaliy
    The Career Development Quarterly 2023


  1. SIH
    Sequential Behavioral Analysis: A Novel Approach to Help Understand Clinical Decision-Making Patterns in Extended Reality Simulated Scenarios
    Rochlen, Lauryn R, Putnam, Elizabeth M, Tait, Alan R, Du, Hanxiang, and Popov, Vitaliy
    Simulation in Healthcare 2022
  2. ICQE
    Leveraging Epistemic Network Analysis to Discern the Development of Shared Understanding between Physicians and Nurses
    Popov, Vitaliy, Sobetski, Raeleen, Jone, Taylor, Granberg, Luke, Turvey, Kiara, and Manojlovich, Milisa
    In International Conference on Quantitative Ethnography 2022
  3. JCHE
    Using learning analytics to explore the multifaceted engagement in collaborative learning
    Xing, Wanli, Zhu, Gaoxia, Arslan, Okan, Shim, Jaesub, and Popov, Vitaliy
    Journal of Computing in Higher Education 2022
  4. EJEE
    Challenges home and international students face in group work at a Dutch university
    Popov, Vitaliy, Brinkman, Dine, Fortuin, Karen PJ, Lie, Rico, and Li, Yaoran
    European Journal of Engineering Education 2022
  5. ACM CHI
    Towards Supporting Intraoperative Coordination and Entrustment in Surgical Faculty-Resident Dyads: Looking Together ≠ Seeing the Same Thing
    Popov, Vitaliy, Chen, Xinyue, Kemp, Michael, Sandhu, Gurjit, Kantor, Taylor, Mateju, Natalie, and Wang, Xu
    In CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Extended Abstracts 2022
  6. SIH
    Taking Stock and Looking Ahead: Evolution of Accreditation Feedback for Simulation Centers Over 8 Years Using Epistemic Network Analysis.
    Popov, Vitaliy, Ruis, Andrew R, and Cooke, James M
    Simulation in Healthcare: Journal of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare 2022
  7. Acad.Medicine
    Extended Reality International Grand Rounds: An Innovative Approach to Medical Education in the Pandemic Era
    Salavitabar, Arash,  Popov, Vitaliy, Nelson, Jeremy, Benedict, Michelle D, Inniss, Donovan A, Mahajan, Arushi P, Cohen, Mark S, and Owens, Sonal T
    Academic Medicine 2022


  1. ICQE
    Healthcare professionals’ perceptions of telehealth: analysis of tweets from pre-and during the COVID-19 pandemic
    Larson, Sarah,  Popov, Vitaliy, Ali, Azliza Mohd, Ramanathan, Parameswaran, and Jung, Sarah
    In International Conference on Quantitative Ethnography 2021
  2. Virtual reality simulation for critical pediatric airway management training
    Putnam, Elizabeth M., Rochlen, Lauryn R., Erik Alderink, James Augé,  Popov, Vitaliy, Levine, Robert, and Tait, Alan R.
    Journal of Clinical and Translational Research 2021
  3. “It’s Like I’m Really There”: Using VR Experiences for STEM Career Development
    Jiang, Yang,  Popov, Vitaliy, Li, Yaoran, Myers, Perla L, Dalrymple, Odesma, and Spencer, Joi A
    Journal of Science Education and Technology 2021
  4. Ambient augmented artificial intelligence in medicine: Proof-of-concept in pediatric resuscitation
    Mahajan, P. V., Mathias, E., Hashikawa, A. N., Cooke, J., Rooney, D., Khan, M., Chang, J., and Popov, V..
    Academic Emergency Medicine 2021
  5. Can a spaced repetition software aid dental students? a pilot study
    Veremis, Brandon M, Ramaswamy, Vidya,  Popov, Vitaliy, and Danciu, Theodora E
    Journal of Dental Education 2021
  6. ERR
    Meta-analysis on the relation between visuomotor integration and academic achievement: Role of educational stage and disability
    Khatib, Lora, Li, Yaoran, Geary, David, and Popov, Vitaliy
    Educational Research Review 2021


  1. ETR&D
    Shared lessons in mobile learning among K-12 education, higher education and industry: an international Delphi study
    Popov, Vitaliy, Jiang, Yang, and So, Hyo-Jeong
    Educational Technology Research and Development 2020
  2. GOM
    “One Size Does Not Fit All”: Revisiting Team Feedback Theories From a Cultural Dimensions Perspective
    Gabelica, Catherine, and Popov, Vitaliy
    Group & Organization Management 2020
  3. Promoting Feedback Processes in Multicultural Teams: Avenues for Future Research
    Gabelica, Catherine,  Popov, Vitaliy, and Fiore, Stephen
    In Academy of Management Proceedings 2020


  1. Predicting high school teacher use of technology: Pedagogical beliefs, technological beliefs and attitudes, and teacher training
    Li, Yaoran, Garza, Veronica, Keicher, Anne, and Popov, Vitaliy
    Technology, Knowledge and Learning 2019
  2. Uncovering the sequential patterns in transformative and non-transformative discourse during collaborative inquiry learning
    Zhu, Gaoxia, Xing, Wanli, and Popov, Vitaliy
    The Internet and Higher Education 2019
  3. Effects of an interculturally enriched collaboration script on student attitudes, behavior, and learning performance in a CSCL environment
    Popov, Vitaliy, Biemans, Harm JA, Fortuin, Karen PJ, Vliet, Arnold JH, Erkens, Gijsbert, Mulder, Martin, Jaspers, Jos, and Li, Yaoran
    Learning, Culture and Social Interaction 2019
  4. Hum.Beh.
    The effects of transformative and non-transformative discourse on individual performance in collaborative-inquiry learning
    Xing, Wanli,  Popov, Vitaliy, Zhu, Gaoxia, Horwitz, Paul, and McIntyre, Cynthia
    Computers in Human Behavior 2019


  1. Short Collaboration Tasks in Higher Education: Is Putting Yourself in Another’s Shoes Essential for Joint Knowledge Building?
    Popov, Vitaliy, Leeuwen, Anouschka van, and Rybska, Eliza
    In International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning 2018


  1. Comp.Ass.Learn.
    Are you with me or not? Temporal synchronicity and transactivity during CSCL
    Popov, Vitaliy, Leeuwen, Anouschka, and Buis, Stan CA
    Journal of Computer Assisted Learning 2017


  1. Becoming globally competent through student mobility
    Brinkman, B, and Popov, V
    In Competence 2016: International conference on competence theory, research and practice 2016
  2. Process and output: relation between transactivity, temporal synchronicity, and quality of group work during CSCL
    Popov, Vitaliy, Leeuwen, Anouschka, and Buis, Stan CA


  1. Hum.Beh.
    Perceptions and experiences of, and outcomes for, university students in culturally diversified dyads in a computer-supported collaborative learning environment
    Popov, Vitaliy, Noroozi, Omid, Barrett, Jennifer B, Biemans, Harm JA, Teasley, Stephanie D, Slof, Bert, and Mulder, Martin Hum.Beh., 2014
  2. Tech.Pedagogy Ed.
    Use of an interculturally enriched collaboration script in computer-supported collaborative learning in higher education
    Popov, Vitaliy, Biemans, Harm JA, Kuznetsov, Andrei N, and Mulder, Martin
    Technology, Pedagogy and Education 2014


  1. Internet High Educ
    Facilitation of computer-supported collaborative learning in mixed-versus same-culture dyads: Does a collaboration script help?
    Popov, Vitaliy, Biemans, Harm JA, Brinkman, Dine, Kuznetsov, Andrei N, and Mulder, Martin
    The Internet and Higher Education 2013
    Lans, Thomas, Oganisjana, Karine, Täks, Marge, and Popov, Vitaliy
    Trames- Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences 2013


  1. Intercult Relations
    Multicultural student group work in higher education: An explorative case study on challenges as perceived by students
    Popov, Vitaliy, Brinkman, Dine, Biemans, Harm JA, Mulder, Martin, Kuznetsov, Andrei, and Noroozi, Omid
    International Journal of Intercultural Relations 2012