Vitaliy Popov

University of Michigan


#217 Victor Vaughan

1111 E. Catherine Str.

Ann Arbor, MI 48109, USA

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Learning Health Sciences with a courtesy appointment at the U-M School of Information. I am also the Director of Learning Sciences and Technology for the Clinical Simulation Center for University of Michigan Medical School.

My research focuses on understanding how team function can be optimized to lead to better learning gains, performance and healthcare outcomes. My background allows me to utilize evidence in education science, simulation-based training and learning analytics to understand how healthcare professionals can better work in teams and how we can support these processes to foster health care delivery. I completed my Ph.D. on computer-supported collaborative learning at Wageningen University & Research Center, in the Netherlands.

Current research projects are situated at the intersection of Learning Sciences, Health Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, and eXtended Reality. I am currently serving as a PI or Co-PI on several projects funded by the National Science Foundation ranging from applying multimodal learning analytics in teamwork in VR to understanding the mechanisms of joint visual attention in the operating room. I am on the Editorial Board for the Annals of Medicine Journal - Medical Education section.

Research areas:

Learning sciences, learning analytics, science of team science, computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL), computer supported cooperative work (CSCW), Human-Computer Interaction, team-based clinical simulation training, eXtended Reality.


Dec 14, 2022 Serving as the Guest Advisor Editor for Annals of Medicine - Medical Education Section for an Article Collection on The Role of the Metaverse in Medical Education.
Jun 15, 2022 I will be teaching LHS 680 Teamwork for Healthcare in Winter’23. The course will be offered fully in person, fully online, and a little bit of both.
Jun 5, 2022 National Science Foundation (NSF) funded “Project mTEAM: Advancing Emergency Medicine Trainee Skills using Multimodal Debriefing System in Simulation-based Training” (Award # 2202451)

selected publications

  1. JCHE
    Using learning analytics to explore the multifaceted engagement in collaborative learning
    Xing, Wanli, Zhu, Gaoxia, Arslan, Okan, Shim, Jaesub, and Popov, Vitaliy
    Journal of Computing in Higher Education 2022
  2. ACM CHI
    Towards Supporting Intraoperative Coordination and Entrustment in Surgical Faculty-Resident Dyads: Looking Together ≠ Seeing the Same Thing
    Popov, Vitaliy, Chen, Xinyue, Kemp, Michael, Sandhu, Gurjit, Kantor, Taylor, Mateju, Natalie, and Wang, Xu
    In CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Extended Abstracts 2022