Interprofessional Shared Decision-Making Teaching Tool (IP-SDM-T2)

Limited data exists regarding real-time feedback and assessment of Interprofessional shared decision-making (IP-SDM) in the experiential, IP education (IPE) setting. The project objectives are to: 1) adapt the previously validated SDM Questionnaire (SDM-Q-9) for use as part of a radar visualization tool, the IP Shared Decision-Making Teaching Tool (IP-SDM-T2), 2) conduct focus groups to examine feasibility, acceptability, usability of the IP-SDM-T2, and 3) identify areas for improvement and how the tool may be best utilized in practice and IPE.

In collaboration with Dr. Phan (UM College of Pharmacy) and Meghan Thiel (UM School of Social Work), we adapted the SDM-Q-9 for IP care, mapped the items to the four constructs of SDM (establishing ongoing partnership, information exchange, deliberating options, deciding-acting on decision), and integrated into a radar feedback graphical tool, where output is a visualization of individual, care team, and patient/family perspectives on a given SDM situation.

Five IP focus groups were completed, consisting of IP educator and learner participants, where the team defined IP SDM, oriented participants to the IP-SDM-T2, showed a video clinical scenario with IP SDM, had participants “test drive” IP-SDM-T2 followed by a semi-structured discussion about the tool, then, complete an online survey about tool usability and provide demographic data.

Example Radar Graphs from IP-SDM-T2.

Future Implications: The IP-SDM-T2 may help visualize SDM constructs from patient care scenarios and has potential to be a tool to measure and help foster SDM among IP teams and learners in the experiential setting. Future directions include mobile app development to improve ease of use and future studies (e.g., a pilot study in an experiential IPE setting).

TEAM: Hanna Phan, Pharm.D., FCCP, FPPA, Department of Clinical Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy, University of Michigan; Meghan Thiel, LMSW, School of Social Work, University of Michigan.